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Brother Cox has taught the Becoming Spiritually Centered seminar for twenty-five years
and over 15,000 people have attended. He has officially retired from teaching the BSC seminar,
so the next best option is to have him come to your home, through the DVD series.

This program is designed to help you become spiritually centered so you can use
the problems and experiences of this life for spiritual growth and learn to enjoy each day. 

The purpose of the BSC materials are to become one with Christ and thereby:


Learn how to make each day worthwhile regardless of what is happening in the Telestial world.

bullet Learn and practice the steps necessary to change one's thought patterns to match the Saviors.

Then you discover that one of your thought patterns needs improving, refer to the four steps for change to
make that improvement.  As your thoughts, feelings, and acts become closer to matching the Saviors,
your enjoyment of each day will increase. Everyday will become worthwhile for spiritual growth, and
your hope to be raised unto Eternal Life will increase.

Have Brother Cox come to your home and teach you and your family and friends how to change one's thought
patterns via DVD.  The 8 DVD's, one for each of the eight week program, to compare one or more of the
Savior's thought patterns to your own. Then do the assignment for the next seven days and experience the
difference of seeing, thinking, and feeling as the Savior does.  Over the eight-week period you will have the
opportunity to improve twelve of your thought patterns.

Thousands of seminar participants have seen the difference it has made in their lives.  Husband and wife
relationships have improved.  Problems with children, finances, health problems and overcoming low feelings
of self-worth have become a spiritual growth experience. 

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